T.S. Brozek, Inc.

An experienced team of manufacturer's representatives located in Detroit, MI with extensive knowledge of the automotive industry.

Representing Manufacturers to the Global Automotive Industry

Our representatives find the right fit for your products, educate your customers, and build long-term relationships with OEMs and suppliers.

Shaking a buyer's hand

Strongly Connected

Drawing on decades of experience in the engineering, manufacturing, and purchasing fields, we know what we sell. We also know who to contact to get your product into the right hands.

Educating a customer with data

Customer Focused

We believe in educating our customers, providing them with information and insight that is backed by our years of experience and diverse areas of expertise.

Locations of our offices

Strategically Positioned

Strategically positioned both professionally and geographically, we are able to build valuable relationships with OEM suppliers and auto makers from our offices in Detroit, Michigan, Torino, Italy and Shanghai, China.

meeting with buyer

What We Do

As an experienced group of manufacturers representatives with extensive knowledge of both engineering and purchasing, our sales agency is focused on obtaining profitable business for our clients by offering them new opportunities from within the automotive industry.

With our client's financial success being imperative to our own, T.S. Brozek, Inc. is truly an extension of their own workforce.

We've spent decades building strong contacts in the automotive industry, allowing us to consistently deliver lasting profitability and growth for years to come.

Our Team

As a sales agency, our experience encompasses knowledge of selling all types of manufactured products to Ford, GM, Chrysler, Asian and European OEM's as well as Tier 2 companies. Our sales agents understand the manufacturing processes and the design principles to complete a successful product launch.

All of our manufacturers representatives have a strong engineering background. Engineering competence is pertinent to our success. Our knowledge of the industry and core sales philosophies have enabled us to obtain exponential growth for our clients over the past two decades.

mike and terry brozek

Our Philosophy

Our sales philosophy is grounded in a few core principles that govern everything that we do.

  • Educating the customers about the products and presenting this information with proven techniques that address the customers needs is the key to successful selling.
  • Maintaining a parallel path of strong contacts in purchasing and engineering facilitates a complete sales effect.
  • On site visits with clients and regular product visibility are key to creating value for the customer.
  • Creating customer value translates their needs into sales successes.
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